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A Guide to Business Valuation in Singapore 2024

Business valuation is an important aspect for organizations worldwide. Moreover, in the dynamic and highly competitive business environment of Singapore, paying special attention to business valuation becomes even more crucial to ensuring accuracy and maximum compliance.

In this article, you’ll learn all about business valuation in Singapore, so keep reading to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Overview of Business Valuation

Business valuation is the process through which the worth of a company is evaluated based on its present and future potential. 


There are many different aspects to consider in business valuation, requiring a thorough understanding of the business, market, and overall industry to achieve accurate results.


The complexity of business valuation is further heightened by the fact that every company has its own unique objectives and goals. 


Hence, suitable decision-making processes and strategies must be implemented to conduct business valuation in Singapore, tailored to the specific working conditions of a company. 


Many companies rely on professional audit firms in Singapore to ensure the entire business valuation process is completed accurately and efficiently.


Goals of Business Valuation in Singapore

Business valuation provides many different benefits in Singapore. These benefits are:

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Corporate Restructuring

A business valuation report can serve as the foundation for reorganizing or even reconstructing a company from scratch. Businesses often need to change their entire organizational structure during corporate restructuring. 


Once the team is aware of all aspects of the company’s financial and operational processes, it becomes easier to choose the right path.


Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are quite common in the corporate world. Business valuations form the basis of the analysis process involved in making such decisions. 


A significant part of mergers and acquisitions is ensuring that such a drastic step will be beneficial to all involved parties, so businesses must conduct a comprehensive valuation of the firms to ensure the right steps are taken for future growth and success.


Financial Reporting

In Singapore, companies are required to follow the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS), which means they have to file an annual report, including their financial statements, to ACRA. 


In other words, companies must perform a business valuation and provide a comprehensive report to the relevant authorities.



Business valuation and taxation are closely associated with each other. Taxes are calculated based on the business’s valuation. 


Companies that rely on professional audit firms in Singapore are typically able to handle business valuation and taxation procedures quickly because experienced accountants and auditors have a lot of experience in handling such processes.



Investors may request business valuation reports to fund an organization. Therefore, if your company plans to seek funding from an external source, you should attach a detailed business valuation report along with all other relevant documents to help the investors make their investment decision. 

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Popular Methods of Business Valuation in Singapore

Once you hire an audit firm in Singapore, you can choose the best method for business valuation in Singapore. Generally, the following are the three main methods used:

Market Approach

The market approach involves comparing the value of one company with another company. The competitors of that business are selected based on the industry type, size, location, and market capitalization. Moreover, the price paid for similar organizations and comparable transactions is also considered in this approach.

Income Approach

The income approach is dependent on the projected future cash flow of the company for the next given years. It uses the capitalization of the cash flow method or the discounted cash flow method to calculate the business value as accurately as possible.

Asset Approach

The net asset value of the company forms the basis of the asset approach to business valuation. It involves all tangible and intangible assets of an organization, such as machinery, equipment, furniture, and trademarks. The business value is calculated based on the difference between the assets and liabilities of a company.

In Summary

Business valuation is an essential part of a company’s working procedures in Singapore. It is highly recommended that the company relies on experts, such as audit firms in Singapore, to complete the business valuation as accurately as possible. 


This ultimately helps the company operate transparently without encountering any legal or financial issues related to business valuation in Singapore.

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