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The Importance of Getting a Business Valuation Done

It is common for business owners, management teams, and investors to spend a lot of time crafting detailed plans for business growth. The primary purpose of these plans is to enhance business growth and make more profits. 


However, a major issue with such plans is that companies often do not consider their actual value and even ignore the importance of knowing it because they are too focused on future growth. 


In this article, we will explore the importance of getting a business valuation done with experts, such as audit firms in Singapore.


First of all, let’s discuss some basics of business valuation. 


What Is a Business Valuation?

A business valuation, also called a company valuation, is the process through which a business can determine its financial value. 


It involves analyzing all aspects of a business to determine its total worth as well as the worth of each department. As a result, a company is able to obtain a full picture of its finances through a business valuation. 


There are many uses for business valuation, such as determining the sales value, evaluating partner ownership, taxation purposes, and divorce proceedings that might trigger a split of the company. 


Whatever the core reason behind business valuation might be, it is important for businesses to turn to experts, such as an audit firm in Singapore, to evaluate the fair value of the business. 

Why Should a Business Owner Want a Valuation?

Gone are the days when business valuation was limited to taxation or legal issues. Nowadays, business valuation can be performed for a variety of reasons that are no longer limited to legal issues or even selling or acquiring a business. 


Proper business valuation is also required in extreme circumstances, such as death, disability, or divorce of the business owners, to determine how it will impact the business assets. Moreover, the owners can conduct a business valuation to determine which of their departments is performing better financially. 


It is also important to note that if a certain part or stock of the company is being gifted or donated, the company will have to go through a business valuation to ensure there is no wrongdoing in this process. 


Businesses often have to go through the valuation process when they are trying to raise investment or obtain a loan. This is the reason why professional audit firms in Singapore recommend implementing a periodic schedule of business valuation to ensure the owner and all the stakeholders have all the latest information they need to fulfill different business requirements. 

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Role of Formal Business Valuations

Formal business valuations relate to the different aspects of a business to evaluate its total value and determine the steps that a company can take to enhance its worth. 


It is not possible for business owners to create concrete policies related to business growth without knowing the performance of the total company as well as its individual departments. 


Valuation also holds a special place in family businesses, as owners have to know the up-to-date price of shares they can sell to family members. When a private company is planning to go public, it must know the range of shares that it can expect to sell. 


It is also important to make sure that the valuation process is handled by independent experts to ensure that there is no bias in the final calculations. Hence, companies should hire experienced audit firms in Singapore that can provide an independent view of the entire organization. 


Ultimately, the accuracy of a business valuation is directly linked to how detailed it is. It is important for the business valuation process to be as thorough as possible to ensure fair and accurate results are obtained. 


Key Considerations for Business Valuation

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The initial stage of business valuation involves determining the purpose and objective of business valuation. 


As discussed in the previous section, there can be many different reasons why a company performs a business valuation. Therefore, it is important to set a clear goal for the process. 


Various other factors, such as the company lifecycle, macroeconomic conditions, socio-political environment, customer relationships, capital, and liabilities, are also considered in this process to determine the accurate value of the business. 


In a Nutshell

Keeping up with the distinct advantages of business valuation, it is evident that this process is essential for businesses to maintain smooth operations and formulate concrete strategies that will drive their future growth.


No company should ignore the importance of business valuation. Knowing the true worth of the business will help the owners and stakeholders make good decisions for the company. 


Having an audit firm in Singapore by your side will make the entire process quick and easy, as it will provide an independent review of the company’s finances and offer accurate results. 

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