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Putting Your Puzzle Pieces Together

Businesses change rapidly, with the tools at factory, hands on the deck, you may need another hand from an expert to ensure you achieve the success you deserve.


With TY TEOH International, your management team is surrounding with 7000+ excellent accountants and advisors covering more than 75+ countries to put your puzzle pieces together to emphasize on the specific needs of your business from the start-up, business expansion and eventually, the exit.


Whenever your business takes you, we will be alongside you !


Service-China Desk

One Belt one Road (“The Silk Road Economic Belt and The 21st century Maritime Silk Road”) initiated by the People of Republic China’s Government in 2013 and was to focus on creating networks for more efficient and productive free flow of trade as well as the integration of international markets both physically and digitally.

The initiative includes six international corridors:

  1. The new Eurasia land Bridge;
  2. The China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor;
  3. China-Central Asia-West Asia Economic Corridor;
  4. China-Indochina Peninsular Economic Corridor;
  5. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor;
  6. Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor

We have been established as a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms, which offers China Desk services to communicate and work with one another closely being part of network, and with the leverage of our China team’s expertise, experiences, network and geographical presence in China.

No matter which part of China you are located, we helps China business venture into Singapore hassle-free.