Tailor-Made Solutions

We are more than just an Accountant, with our expertise in various industries, we tailor-made the right solutions for your business.

Putting Your Puzzle Pieces Together

Businesses change rapidly, with the tools at factory, hands on the deck, you may need another hand from an expert to ensure you achieve the success you deserve.

With TY TEOH International, your management team is surrounding with 7000+ excellent accountants and advisors covering more than 75+ countries to put your puzzle pieces together to emphasize on the specific needs of your business from the start-up, business expansion and eventually, the exit.

Whenever your business takes you, we will be alongside you !


Stay competitive is always the vision of companies. To this end, these involve lots of critical factors that lead the business to success, the product, marketing, customer service and cost management are just a few of many factors that contribute to the profitability of a business.

We assist clients with our unique Profit Improvement Programme. Through the data gathering and analysis, process observations, management discussion and best practice, our team work closely with clients to identify and prioritise areas in return will result in expenses reduced or revenue improved and cash flow improvement. Process inefficiencies always the root cause of employees facing difficulty to complete a task. Usually, process adjustment or realignment can help in operation improvement.

We provide each client with a tailor-made programme to meet client’s expectation and requirement. We have successfully implemented out Profit Improvement Programme for various industries.