What Is Recovery Audit And How Does It Help You?

Despite the fact that many organizations have implemented complex accounting and payment processing systems, errors in audit reports are quite common.


Singapore companies usually face such issues when they do not take on the services of a professional audit firm in Singapore. 


However, such errors can easily be avoided as audit and accounting firms in Singapore have the required knowledge, skills and accounting systems required to handle the entire financial system of a company and conduct a recovery audit. 

What is a Recovery Audit?

A recovery audit is a well-organized auditing process through the transactions of a company; transactions are thoroughly reviewed and all of the data associated with identifying and recovering different forms of payments. Under-deductions are also collected and analyzed. It is the primary financial process through which lost money is recovered.  


Audit firms in Singapore can provide reliable and efficient recovery auditing services to all types of businesses. The primary steps of this process are:


  • Identification of overpayments
  • Detecting hidden risks
  • Resolving unrealized credits
  • Recovering lost revenue
  • Enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the company by recovering lost money. 

The Importance of Recovery Audits

Recovery auditing is important for any type of business because overpayments, under-deductions, and miscalculated discounts are quite common in day to day business activities.


Finding and correcting such errors is challenging because the global supply chain has become highly complex and companies must consider a lot of factors like legal agreements, the payroll of different departments and the overall workings of an organization. 


Business owners should consider procuring the recovery auditing services of a professional accounting firm in Singapore because even if they feel that their business has optimized financial systems and professional staff, managing finances and payroll is a difficult task.


Accounting errors are relatively common even if you have an excellent in-house team of experts.

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Organizations, especially large ones, also tend to make such errors because there is often a lack of communication between different accounting departments and auditors.


In addition, audit firms in Singapore are used to dealing with a variety of finances for different types of companies. They provide specialized services for recovery auditing that allow you to recover the maximum amount of missing money by relying on the experts.


Some of the other benefits of recovery auditing are:

1. Recover Lost Money

By conducting a comprehensive recovery audit, you will be able to recover lost money. Multinational companies and large enterprises can even find millions of dollars in under-deductions and overpayments. This huge amount of money can be used to improve or expand your business by investing in the other departments of the business. 

2. Detect Operational Gaps

There is no doubt about the fact that operational gaps can develop over time which can mean accounting and auditing processes can suffer. With the expansion of companies and the establishment of numerous departments, it becomes difficult for companies to continue to function smoothly and efficiently.

3. Eliminating Overpayments

Finding overpayments is important so that lost money can be recovered and complete control can be kept over assets and processes that result in overpayments. Moreover, if your company utilizes non-integrated payment systems, you can easily see the cause of overpayments through recovery audits.

4. Compliance

Recovery auditing is essential to ensure you are complying with all of the legal rules and regulations set by government authorities and the contracts signed with your employees. Without the presence of a centralized system, it is common for organizations to start to deviate from the contracts unintentionally, especially if it is a large-scale business that deals with a lot of clients.


In such cases, audit and accounting firms in Singapore can help your company by keeping it in compliance with legal guidelines and recovering the money as per the Singapore law.  

5. Fraud

If the department of an organization is not properly supervised and audited from time to time, then your business is at a greater risk of fraud and financial malpractices. You can eliminate this risk by hiring an audit firm in Singapore that will audit the entire company. This process is essential to identify the discrepancies and find the weak points in your company.

6. Preparation for Audits

There is always a chance that government agencies and regulatory authorities might want to take a look at your financial records for registration, license, verification, or any other such purposes. If your company is used to performing recovery audits on a regular basis, you will have no issue in getting your finances examined by any official authorities.

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In a Nutshell

Recovery auditing is an essential process for any organization. Without regular auditing, companies can become vulnerable to fraud, productivity losses and greater inefficiency.


In addition, a thorough recovery audit conducted by an experienced audit firm in Singapore will ensure the maximum recovery of lost money, identification of any financial errors, and the fixing of the financial system to avoid further problems.


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