Staffing and Placement: Are They the Same?

Recruiting is a necessary and regular procedure for all types of businesses. As your business grows, you will have to keep expanding your workforce to include permanent, temporary, and part-time employees. 


However, finding the perfect candidates for the jobs and hiring them can be a time-consuming procedure. In such a situation, professional staff placement services can greatly help businesses in hiring individuals who will be a perfect match for the company. 


Both staffing and placement services play an integral role in finding qualified workers and making sure a company is getting the most skilled people for the job. 


However, it is important to note that despite having many similarities, there are also some significant differences between staffing and placement. 


In this article, you will get to know all about the various aspects of staffing and placement, so keep reading. 

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What Are Staffing Services?

The purpose of staffing services is to offer temporary employees to businesses to help them in certain areas of the business for a short period of time. Temporary employees can work in offices, warehouses, stores, and customer service positions. 


There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to the duration for which a temporary employee is hired by the company. Generally, this time period is anywhere between 3 months and 6 months. But it is completely dependent on the specific requirements of the business.  


For instance, a business that has to fulfill more orders during the holiday season might need to hire temporary employees to deal with the increased demand. 


By relying on staffing services, companies are able to save a lot of time in hiring candidates since staffing service providers usually have a large pool of candidates. Outsourcing a certain part of the business can also be covered under staffing services. 


For instance, if a company chooses to outsource accounting services in Singapore during the end of the financial year or auditing time, it will be relying on temporary staff to fulfill the requirements. 

What Are Placement Services?

Placement services are different from staffing services because they are responsible for filing different job positions in various sectors with permanent employees. 


Staff placement service providers facilitate businesses in finding the best employees and filling positions with permanent employees. 


The specific workings of the placement services can greatly vary, but most of them charge a certain percentage of the employee’s first-year earnings or a flat fee from the business. 


Such services are very important for businesses to fill hard-to-fill positions with qualified and skilled individuals. The company can choose to conduct the final interview, but all of the other initial screenings and interviews are conducted by the recruitment agency. 


Hiring the Right Candidates

The basic purpose of both staffing and placement services is to enable a company to hire the most suitable candidate for a job position. 


Professional staff placement service providers use a variety of resources such as social media, job fairs, newspapers, and online job portals to find both temporary and permanent employees for a company. 


Moreover, these recruitment agencies keep a large database of candidates to make sure that whenever a business approaches them, they can reach out to the potential employee in the shortest time possible and discuss further details. 

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All in all, staffing is the process of hiring temporary employees for a company on an ad hoc basis. Staffing is typically an ongoing process for many businesses, especially large-scale organizations. 


On the other hand, placement services have the short-term objective of hiring candidates for a permanent position. 


Businesses should hire professional staff placement service providers and rely on the experts to handle these important parts of the business. As a result, businesses can focus on their core business activities.  

In Closing

Hiring can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is highly recommended to engage the services provided by the experts. 


Many businesses nowadays rely on outsourced services, including outsourced accounting services in Singapore and staff placement services. These services are important in helping businesses achieve their goals while keep their operating low at the same time.