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Staff Placement Services: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Professional staff placement services play an integral role in ensuring employers find the best person for the job. It ensures that candidates with specific skills, career goals, and qualities are selected for a position at the company.  


Generally, placement agencies work with companies and job seekers to connect qualified candidates with suitable employers. As there are different types of placement companies and staff placement services, it is important to get familiar with these services. 


What are Staff Placement Services?

A staff placement service links businesses and employers. The providers of such services are also referred to as recruitment agencies, executive search firms, or staffing firms. They are crucial in assisting employees in finding employment and employers in finding manpower or talent. 


They connect people directly with employers, assist students in getting internships, aid veterans in locating civilian employment and provide educational programs to help customers build professional skills. 


A fresh graduate, for instance, would visit a job placement agency to practise interview skills and learn how to create a good CV to be ready for the application process.

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Types of Staff Placement Services

Different companies and audit firms in Singapore use different types of staff placement services to ensure that suitable individuals are hired for the relevant positions at a company.

1. Direct Hiring

It means a person is hired directly by a company when they want a full-time, long-term employee. A direct hire employee does not get a temporary salary from the staffing firm; instead, they receive paid directly from their employer. 


Employers seeking a long-term, highly trained employee most often choose direct-hire arrangements. 


Since direct hire roles are more permanent and may need a greater degree of certification than other kinds of placements, it may take longer to locate one, but these positions are typically steady and sometimes offer perks like health insurance and retirement plans.


2. Temporary Position

A temporary job is one where the employer and employee have a set amount of time they will work together. The duration of work varies depending on the role and demands of the employer. However, most jobs are for a shorter period of time than a year. 


Typically, the placement agency, like an audit firm in Singapore, not the company, is in charge of paying temporary workers. 


Although temporary postings may not have as much job security as direct hiring and temporary workers might not be eligible for benefits, these jobs can be perfect for those who want to network with experts, acquire experience in a particular area, or need a short-term source of money.


3. Combination of Permanent and Temporary Hiring

A combination of direct hiring and temporary hiring is also common in staff placement services. Direct hiring and temporary postings are combined in temporary-to-hire or temp-to-hire employment. 


To determine if a candidate is a suitable match for the role, an employer could recruit them on a temporary basis. They could provide the applicant with a permanent job if the placement goes well. Most often, candidates are paid by the employment agency until they take a permanent position.


For job seekers who want to test out a new position or learn more about a certain sector without committing fully at first, a temporary-to-hire position might be a fantastic choice. 


Out of all the placement options, this one provides the most flexibility since it allows job seekers to try out a position, determine if it’s a good match for them, and then decide whether to take a permanent position with the firm.

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Benefits of Staff Placement Services

Following are the major benefits of professional staff placement services:

Saves Time

Using professional staff placement services from an audit firm in Singapore can speed up your hunt for employment. If you’re having trouble locating them on your own, a job placement agent can connect you with one using their connections.


Placement services provide a variety of assignments, including both temporary and permanent full-time jobs. Different types of job searchers may benefit from the flexibility in finding the ideal work to suit their requirements.

Better Opportunities

Using a staff placement service leads to higher employment chances than independent job hunting. Businesses that have available jobs contact employment agencies directly, and some employers may only post job openings with employment agencies.


The bottom line is that staff placement services are highly beneficial in making the hiring and recruiting process easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Companies, regardless of their size and nature, can rely on staff placement services in Singapore to streamline the common recruiting and onboarding process.

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