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Businesses change rapidly, with the tools at factory, hands on the deck, you may need another hand from an expert to ensure you achieve the success you deserve.

With TY TEOH International, your management team is surrounding with 7000+ excellent accountants and advisors covering more than 75+ countries to put your puzzle pieces together to emphasize on the specific needs of your business from the start-up, business expansion and eventually, the exit.

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Due to growing awareness of sustainability factors in business, investors are increasingly focus more on sustainability performance and how it is translated into social and environmental impacts and how it is improved operating efficiency and natural resource stewardship, and it remains a vital component of shareholder, employee, and stakeholder relations.

We are well-positioned to assist you in developing your Sustainability Report, building the roadmap necessary to make reporting efficient in the future and advising on the latest sustainability trends and developments.

Our expertise includes:

  • Stakeholder Engagement on ESG issues
  • Sustainability Reporting and Disclosure
  • Carbon Audit and Management
  • Sustainability Reporting System Building
  • Employee Management, Supply Chain Improvement and Risk Management related to ESG issues
  • Effective Communication with Institutional Investors on ESG enquiries
  • Report Assurance to enhance the accountability and confidence of ESG reporting
  • ESG Online Data