Tax incentives in Singapore

Taxpayers can enjoy numerous tax incentives in Singapore. Such tax incentives vary from industry to industry. We can help you in determining the suitable tax incentives that you can enjoy for your specific type of business.

Who Can Enjoy Tax Incentives in Singapore

Singapore Registered Company

Legal Compliance

Any company that is applying for tax incentives in Singapore and is legally registered in Singapore.

Tax Resident

Be A Tax Resident In Singapore

The organisation has to be a tax resident in Singapore for that assessment year


Number of Shareholders < 20

Ensure that the number of shareholders for your company is less than 20 that assessment year.

Types Of Tax Incentives That You Can Apply

  • Development and Expansion Incentive
  • Pioneer tax incentive
  • Investment allowance
  • Intellectual Property Development Incentive (IDI)
  • Mergers and acquisitions allowance
  • Incentives for internationalisation
  • Financial services incentives
  • Global Trader Programme (GTP)
  • Headquarters schemes
Get in touch with us to find out about the tax incentive in Singapore and how they can benefit your organization.