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Top 5 Tips for a Successful IPO Readiness

The decision to go public is one of the most important decisions that a company can make. However, the actual process of going public is highly complex and time-consuming. A comprehensive IPO readiness assessment is required to ensure a successful IPO.  


Generally, even planning for an IPO can take anywhere between 18 to 24 months. Even with this much planning, it is common for companies, especially the ones that don’t rely on pre-IPO advisory services, to face failure in IPO.  


In this article, you will learn the top 5 tips that you can follow to make the IPO process a success with the help of an IPO readiness assessment.  


Build a Reliable IPO Leadership Team

The importance of having an experienced and reliable team capable of handling IPO challenges cannot be understated. You should make sure that your IPO team is led by a strong leader who has experience in this area and is capable of managing the IPO from start to finish. 


Generally, most companies assign the role of IPO leadership to the chief financial officer (CFO) or the head of business development. In larger companies and multinational enterprises, it is common to form large committees to handle an IPO. 


Keep in mind that an IPO leader is likely to be your primary point of contact both internally and externally within the organization. He or she will be driving the whole process of going public, so you should give considerable time and energy to appointing the right person for this task. 


Implement Standard Project Management Practices

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The success of an IPO is heavily dependent on how strong the organization’s working procedures are. 


It is important to complement the IPO process with robust project management standards and practices for continuous improvement and effectively addressing issues that are likely to arise throughout the IPO process.


Without proper management, an organization is likely to face a myriad of challenges in different departments that can eventually result in IPO failure. 


Therefore, it is important to conduct a thorough IPO readiness assessment and make sure that your organization’s working procedures are capable of going through the intense scrutiny that comes with going public.  


Generally, the metrics used to evaluate the IPO progress are set by experts and pre-IPO advisory services before the process starts. 


It is ultimately the responsibility of company directors and executives to support the IPO leader in building a realistic and attainable plan through which they are able to achieve IPO goals and measure the IPO progress as well. 


Rely on Professional Pre-IPO Advisory Services

Hiring professional pre-IPO advisory services is the first step in a successful IPO. These services involve performing comprehensive IPO readiness assessments to make sure the company is familiar with the larger issues, and they can prevent these issues by taking a proactive approach. 


An IPO readiness assessment is typically conducted in the form of a questionnaire. At the end of the assessment, an organization is able to get a clear road to IPO with recommendations from the experts. 


It enables stakeholders to become fully acquainted with the road ahead and assess whether their company is ready to go public. 


Build Efficient Financial Capabilities

Business reports and procedures for financial reporting also have a significant impact on IPOs. 


All of these documents are expected to become public at the end of the IPO. Therefore, companies that aim to go public should prioritize the establishment of a strong financial system and the adoption of fully transparent financial policies from the very beginning.


Experts recommend that a company with IPO aspirations start acting like a public company at least one year before it actually goes public. It not only helps in the IPO process but also improves the financial capabilities and management of the company. 

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Adopt a Sustainable Approach

Once the IPO process starts, a company often gets overwhelmed with constant meetings, financial reporting, and meeting various other deadlines. 


As a result, it is common for the IPO leader and company management to ignore the importance of building and adopting a sustainable approach. 


Adopting a sustainable approach simply means that the company should focus on factors like corporate governance, investor relations, internal control, ESG factors, and other parts of the business that will be open to public scrutiny after the IPO takes place.  


By keeping these legal and regulatory requirements in mind well in advance of the actual IPO, the company can be prepared for smooth sailing and avoid numerous issues.


In Closing

Ultimately, an IPO is undoubtedly a challenging process, but with the assistance of professional pre-IPO advisory services and IPO readiness assessment procedures, it can become easier and smoother. 


By following the tips discussed above, your company will be well-positioned to navigate the IPO process and transform your business into a successful public company. 

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