What Are The Types Of Accounting Services That Can Be Outsourced?

Not every business owner and manager has the time and energy to manage every aspect of a business. It is understandable if you are not able to handle all of the responsibilities of running a business. In such situations, outsourcing accounting services to an accounting firm in Singapore can prove to be highly useful for you and your business. 


Outsourcing accounting services in Singapore is one of the most reliable and affordable options for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the benefits of professional accounting management. It is becoming a highly popular option among various types of businesses because outsourcing allows companies to minimize their overhead expenses and improve the efficiency and productivity of the business. 


There are different business functions you have to handle while running a business. If you are confused about which of these services you can outsource, you have come to the right place as this article discusses the major services that you can outsource to an accounting firm in Singapore. 

Types of accounting services that can be outsourced

1. Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Management

Both of these accounting functions are some of the most popular outsourced accounting services in Singapore. The purpose of AR services is to make sure that your customers are paying you in a timely manner.


Moreover, such services include expense reporting, payment approval, order management, managing vendor inquiries, financial reporting, debt management, forecasting, and customer billing management.


The advantage of outsourcing AR/AP management services is that it will free up your time so that you can concentrate on core business functions. Moreover, you will be relying on professional and competent individuals who have years of experience in managing various accounting functions.  

2. Record Management

Record management and bookkeeping are also highly popular outsourced accounting services because bookkeeping is a rather repetitive and mundane task for any type of business. Modern accounting firms in Singapore have access to efficient and reliable tools and technology that are capable of producing accurate and quick results. 


The use of cloud technology in accounting and bookkeeping has also made outsourcing bookkeeping functions quite easy. You should consider outsourcing such services to get thorough and accurate reports that will help you in using the available financial data to make smart decisions about your company. 

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Following are some of the most important functions included in outsourcing bookkeeping services:

  • Payroll management
  • Creating and maintaining ledgers
  • Cash management
  • Subscription renewals management
  • Invoice processing
  • Setting up a modern bookkeeping system


It is beneficial for your business to outsource such services because you will acquire the expertise of professional accountants who adopt modern tools and technology to ensure up-to-date data records are maintained. 

3. Preparing Financial Reports

Preparing financial reports is an essential accounting function for all types of companies and businesses. In many situations, you need to have external accountants review the financial conditions of your organization to prepare thorough and reliable financial reports.


Therefore, outsourcing such a function to an accounting firm in Singapore becomes essential in many different situations. 


As a result, you will be getting reliable and timely results from your outsourced accounting team. You will also get independent and professional advice to solve the cash flow issues of your company and ensure the smooth functioning of the business. 

4. Controller Services

Outsourcing controller services to an accounting firm in Singapore means you will be outsourcing most of your accounting functions like audit reporting, compliance management, reporting, communication between employees and vendors, cash flow analysis, and KPI reporting. 


The benefit of outsourcing controller services is that you will be able to conduct a thorough cash flow analysis of your business with the help of professional and experienced accountants. As a result, you will be able to review the financial health of your company and make smart strategic decisions. 

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5. Financial Planning and Analysis

You can also outsource your financial planning and analysis to an experienced and reliable accounting firm in Singapore. Such services include a comprehensive evaluation of the financial conditions of your company and using suitable strategies to ensure maximum growth and optimum performance.


As a result, you will be able to have logical cash flow projections and act on the advice of professional accountants to make well-informed decisions for the success of your business.

In a Nutshell

Accounting functions and procedures are the most important part of any company because they affect the entire working of a business.


Whenever you are thinking about outsourcing your accounting services to an accounting firm in Singapore, you should carefully evaluate your own business requirements to make sure you are making the most appropriate choice. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.