What To Expect When Using Staff Placement Services For The First Time

The hiring process of a small business takes time to complete. It takes up significant time from a business owner’s regular duties to review applications, interview, and determine salary, which could eventually hurt the company in the long run. 


This is why some employers work with staffing companies, which reduce the time and effort needed to recruit candidates by providing potential candidates for open positions.


What is a staffing agency?

For businesses trying to fill certain positions, staffing services recruit people. They help organizations fill various positions, including direct-hire, temporary-to-hire (a temporary assignment with a fixed start and end date), and permanent-to-hire.  


An agency that still needs a readily available and qualified candidate will often post the position on job boards like Indeed and other sites where job seekers are likely to look. 


The company that offers staff placement services can also contact qualified people directly through professional networking websites like LinkedIn, where keywords, job functions, geography, industry, and more can limit search results. 


This approach is very useful when hiring a specialized person with a specific skill set.


What happens in a staffing company?

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Finding qualified staff remains a challenge for many small businesses. A 15-year high of 69% of employers globally claimed they were having problems hiring workers with the perfect mix of technical, soft, and personal skills.



More often than not, a business will get help if they outsource accounting services in Singapore to solve their challenges.



The employer contacts the staffing agency. A staffing firm that specializes in your industry should be contacted first. When doing so, include the following:


  • Information about the position’s criteria.
  • The number of people needed.
  • The timeline for hiring new workers.
  • The hourly pay or salary.


Along with the aforementioned aspects, staff placement agencies also create a job description for the position(s) being hired. This is followed by an online posting of the available job opportunities for your organization. They would also contact candidates who seemed like a good fit after preliminary screening.


Before scheduling and conducting interviews, the recruiting organization assesses candidates’ qualifications and experience when they apply for the open position. They then determine which applicants are most qualified to suggest to the hiring manager at your organization.


The agency is in charge of the paperwork too. Most staffing companies handle all the administrative tasks involved in finding new employees, such as contracts, taxes, and other payroll-related responsibilities as well.

How do you get started working with a staffing company?

Ready to collaborate with a recruiting firm? Here are some expert suggestions for you to consider:

1. Choose the ideal company.

You must first choose a suitable staffing service for your business to discover great employees. Choose a company that has the best outsourced accounting services in Singapore and has a stellar reputation for upholding ethical business practices.

2. Describe your needs‌.

Good staffing firms want to help you locate the best employees for your company. Still, they will only be able to do that if you clearly and exhaustively describe the requirements of your business, your job responsibilities, and the ideal candidate. 


The onus is on the business or the hiring organization to provide the staffing business representative with a sense of the corporate culture and the kind of individual who would succeed at the company and to describe any workplace policies (dress code, hours, breaks, etc.). 


This goes beyond describing the essential responsibilities and qualifications for the role.


3. Check the legal issues.

Depending on the positions a staffing firm is helping you fill, ensure that employment-related regulatory requirements, such as worker classification and payroll taxes, are met. 


Since they are the official employer for tax purposes for temporary and temp-to-hire employment, the staffing agency should ensure that the people you use are employees, not independent contractors.

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4. Maintain a constructive relationship.

Finding the finest staffing agency for your business may need trial and error, but once you’ve discovered one that provides first-rate service and highly qualified workers, stick with it and give feedback along the way. 


Talking with your agency representative about recent recruits and upcoming recruiting searches can be beneficial for both you and the firm.



The hiring process can be sped up by using placement services, which can ease the burden on your current employees, provide you with freedom in your hires, and remove any legal problems. 


The services of a staff placement agency, of course, come at an additional cost that could, sometimes, be equal to a significant percentage of a worker’s salary. Combining an agency’s efforts with further internal screening may be a smart move to secure the greatest fit. 


If you decide to use a staffing organization only, assess your business’s needs, objectives, and budget; do a comprehensive reference and reputation check; and articulate your recruiting criteria clearly and straightforwardly.