What's Your Small Business Worth?

Your business is your pride and joy. You have put blood, sweat and tears into making it work day in and day out. However, even with that in mind, there are lots of relatively successful business owners that have not got the slightest clue about their business valuation. 


Most business owners think that working hard and keeping an eye on their profit margins will be enough, but understanding your business’ value from an objective position is critical to long-term success.

1. The role of business valuation

Determine what is going to be right for your business means that you will need to understand the role and benefits of something like business valuation. Simply stated, this process is designed to give you support in understanding just how much your business really is worth. 


This takes all of the financials into consideration and the market value as well. The objective point of view will give you an idea for how it holds its own against the competition as well as potential problem areas as far as financial reliance and other details.

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2. How it works

Think of this as a company secretary of sorts. Having regular (ideally, monthly) evaluations done of your business is going to give you the statistics that you need to assess the company’s progress, shortcomings and potentials for the future.


By allowing accounting firms in Singapore to do this business valuation for you, you will be able to understand your business’ worth from an external point of view. This has already been discussed above.


Additionally, there are other potentials and reasons to consider this process. One of them is the fact that you will get real-time data that will create a dashboard so that you can keep an eye on your business performance over time. This helps you spot risks or shortcomings before they are too far for you to fix or solve.


Another perk, especially when relying on reputable accounting firms in Singapore, is that you can take that understanding of its worth and use it to improve. You will be able to develop realistic goals as to where you want your company to be by the end of the fiscal year, and these regular reports will help you see how you are progressing to meet your business goals.

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3. The details matter

Since you are competing with a lot of local businesses out there, getting real-time statistics of your business in comparison to them is going to be what keeps you ahead of them and planning for a successful future.


You can have a business valuation done quickly and efficiently if you engage the service of a company secretary ready to support the business in the tiny details.


There are a lot of established companies and business who believe that business valuation is only required when they are looking at filing for taxes of insurance. Perhaps, in looking to get the interest of established investors.


However, as noted above, the use of regular data and screening supports you in planning for the future as a business so that you will not need to scramble when you hit a downfall. With this support, you will know how to avoid them in the first place by planning for them.

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Perhaps the old way of doing things is good enough for the established business, but modern businesses that want to succeed long-term can find a lot of benefits and support in business valuation.


With prices maintained at low rates to keep this affordable on a regular basis, you really will have all of the tools available to you to make the positive and worthwhile choice for your business. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.