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Why Considering Outsourcing as You Have Bigger Fish to Fry

Why Consider Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”)

Why consider outsourcing? Today the business is dynamic, you might want to fully redeploy your human resources towards a more important business task to achieve your strategic goals and objectives, by leveraging our highly skills and experienced human resources to assist your organisation’s statutory compliance, you can focus on your operation in more efficient and effective way.

We have pool of professional staff with knowledge, experience and expertise to assist your internal fuction (i.e accounting, administrations, human resources etc.). We are able to assign our professional staffs to your office for a certain period as per your business needs. Our staff placement services will help you in the following situations:-
  • You need temporary replacement after your staff has resigned
  • You need professional and experience staff to clear accounting backlogs and get your accounts updated;
    • unidentified and unmatched trade spend and goods return
    • long outstanding and accumulated suspense, clearing, other debtors and creditors account balances,
    • bank statement reconciliation or monthly/annual accounts.
  • You are facing peak period which is temporary in nature (e.g annual budgeting, rapid expansion etc) and need extra hands to expedite the process;
  • Your existing staff participate in special projects (such as restructuring, merger, acquisition, listing exercise, system migration etc) and require temporary helping hands to focus on routine functions;
  • Your existing staff are on long leave due to illness, personal reasons or temporary re-assignment;
  • You need highly skills, experience professional and reliable staff that will always ensure your organisation are in full compliance with regulatory requirement in an accurate and timely mannerly;
  • You are at early stage companies and rarely require full-time accounting employees for accounting task as the worload is small.

What Benefits Our Staff Placement Services to Your Business

  • Redeploy your valuation human resources to a more important business task to achieve your business strategic goals and objectives;
  • Minimum re-training costs on the changes of GST/VAT, Accounting Standards and other relevant regulation and acts;
  • Lower your fixed costs on maintaining a pool of compliance teams; and
  • Lower recruitment costs on hiring your compliance team;

What We Do

  • Accounting Services and Function
  • Payroll Services and Human Resource Administration
  • Outsourcing CFO Functions
  • Compilation of Unaudited Financial Statement
  • Preparation of filing XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Provision of Treasury Functions
  • Executive Recruitment and Search


  • Our staff strength combine Singapore, Malaysia, UK, and Australia Chartered Accountants;
  • More than 150 experienced accounting professionals who bring the different set of technical skills and expertise and with different industry experiences;
  • Strong track records, e.g. delivered more than 10,000 financial report;
  • Experienced in handling BPO in different countries’ governing law and jurisdiction.

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