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Why Dubai

One of the LOWEST TAX RATES in the world, embracing 0% Corporate Tax in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a global beacon of business innovation and prosperity. In the heart of this thriving economic landscape, the UAE offers an array of incentives and advantages to both local and international companies. At the core of this allure is the UAE’s corporate tax policy, a game-changer that propels businesses towards uncharted heights.

Tax Exemptions for Companies in Dubai vs Malaysia

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Value-Added Tax (VAT)
While the UAE champions business freedom, it maintains a balanced approach with a 5% VAT rate, obliging businesses with revenue exceeding AED 375,000 Yet, the UAE’s commitment to global trade is evident as exports of goods remain untaxed, fostering an environment ripe for international commerce.
Businesses with revenue > AED 375,000 (USD 102,000)
Export of goods
Value-Added Tax (VAT)
In the UAE, the benefits extend beyond corporate tax. Dividends, capital gains, intragroup transactions, and reorganizations all enjoy a tax rate of 0%, fostering an ecosystem where business can flourish without restraint.
Dividend and Capital gain, as well as intragroup transaction and reorganisations.

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