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Why Do You Need an IPO Readiness Assessment?

Preparing for an IPO is a challenging and lengthy process. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to deal with such procedures, you can face several issues and obstacles. 


Therefore, it is important to rely on professional IPO readiness assessment services provided by experienced audit firms in Singapore to sail through the IPO process. 


Preparing for an IPO in advance is important because it helps identify and resolve various issues quickly and minimizes the pressure on the company’s management at the time of the IPO. 


Moreover, these services help companies determine whether an organization is able to undertake the IPO according to the market conditions and the company’s metrics. Keep reading this article to learn why an IPO readiness assessment is important. 


The Importance of IPO Readiness Assessment

Professional audit firms offer IPO readiness assessment services to determine how prepared your company is for an IPO. The special focus of such services is on the accounting and financial aspects of the company. 


Moreover, a thorough assessment provides the company with practical strategies and steps they can take for a successful IPO. 


Therefore, an IPO readiness assessment is important whether you are planning to do it in a few months or in the long run. Rely on the professionals for comprehensive planning and preparation. 


An experienced audit firm in Singapore can also help you identify new opportunities to choose the best time to go public and reduce the pressure on the company’s management. 

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Features of the IPO Readiness Assessment

An IPO readiness assessment is a comprehensive procedure that consists of evaluating a company from many different aspects. 


A thorough review of the company is useful in identifying all the potential obstacles in the path of an IPO. Companies get practical insights and recommendations by the end of the process. 



Some of the most important things covered in a comprehensive IPO readiness assessment are: 

Market Choice

It is important to consider all of the capital markets for which a company is suited. Professional business developers can guide companies about what type of markets they should explore and the perfect timing to launch an IPO. The choice of the market has a significant impact on other factors involved in the IPO too. 

Company Structure and Taxation

Analyzing the company structure and taxation procedures is important before going public. It is an integral part of the IPO readiness assessment services to make sure the organization has a suitable structure that is acceptable to the investors. 


If there are any significant changes to be made in the company structure, it is important to implement these changes as soon as possible to keep up with the preliminary IPO timeline. Experts can help you determine whether changes are even needed in the first place or not. 


Dividend Policy

Creating an efficient dividend policy is important for a successful IPO and for managing your company after the IPO. Different countries have different rules associated with dividends, so you should consult professional accounting or audit firms in Singapore to ensure you can create reliable policies in accordance with the law. 

Financial Information

It is important to compile and organize all of the relevant financial information according to the legal rules and regulations to ensure maximum compliance. 


Make sure that the accounts are free from all kinds of errors and mistakes to avoid issues in auditing. Moreover, the financial documents should be updated regularly. 


It also includes preparing financial projection documents for at least the next 18 months from the date of the IPO. These projections should be adjusted according to the market analysis and advice of the experts. 


Generally, if you are using the services of an audit firm in Singapore, you should have no issue getting these financial documents prepared in the best way possible. 


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Remuneration Schemes

Organizations should keep up with the various remuneration schemes from investors, especially the government and tax schemes. There is a high chance that once your company goes public, it will become eligible for a few such schemes. 


Thoroughly analyze such schemes to determine how you can use the resources to incentivize the employees.


A Strong Management Team

A company must have a strong management team to handle post-IPO affairs. There needs to be a thorough succession plan in place to ensure the directors and stakeholders of the company are protected in all situations. 



Moreover, an audit firm in Singapore can help you improve the management process during the IPO readiness assessment procedures to assist you in going public quickly and efficiently.

All in All

Overall, going public can be a challenging, time-consuming, and overwhelming task for any company. 


However, the good news is that you can make this process more streamlined and quicker with the help of professional IPO readiness assessment services to ensure you are going public in an optimum condition.  

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